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Teekwa is a virtual assistant coach who helps new and aspiring virtual assistants to earn consistent monthly income. Teekwa developed a unique process which attracts and retains clients while increasing revenue. In her Profitable Coaching Program, Triple Your Income in 90 Days, Teekwa uses her expertise as a successful virtual assistant agency to help her clients identify effective messages and install a client attraction system to get the attention of people who are ready to hire a PowerHouse Virtual Assistant. Once her clients become consistent and implement her processes in their business, it produces a predictable monthly income.

Growing up in the Bronx with very few people her age taught her to aspire for more and refuse to settle for less. At age 19, Teekwa became a young mom, but that did not stop her from getting her Bachelor's degree. She worked hard to become a Supervisor, managing multiple administrators, and eventually becoming a successful business owner. She keeps inspiring others to go ahead and make a successful living using their God-given gifts and talents.


Get Clear What Services to Provide to Target Clients

 Market your VA Business Effective

 How to Juggle Day-to-Day by Using Time Management Tools

 Connect & Know Who Your Ideal Client is

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The greatest challenge in this field lies in distinguishing yourself from the large chunk of VA’s in the business. I do believe most VA's struggle with gaining clients, establishing a business structure and growing the company. It's not easy by any means, but it is rewarding! What really sets virtual assistants apart is the unique skill set and creativity they bring to the table, which stands out from the many groups providing other forms of assistance.

There’s only one way to become an industry leader; identify your preferred market and craft your unique message to drill down your market. Once you discover your brilliance and identify your passion, all the dreams that have been created in your mind can come to life. In no time, you’d be booked out and will soon need to hire people to expand your team. You will become truly unstoppable.

Imagine gaining enough financial capacity that you can literally live the life of your dreams. You would easily be able to help your husband with the bills, pay off car notes, take as many vacations as you like and my absolute favorite perk; No 9 to 5 job. You do not have to settle for a job that makes you unhappy. Instead, you get to choose your hours and end up building a legacy.

Discover Your Brilliance & Create Your Dreams

Triple Your Income In 90 Days

Virtual Assistant Coaching Program

Habakkuk 2:2

“Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it."

Vision, Impact, Purpose & Increase Income  

If you’ve always desired to earn a fabulous income while making a positive impact globally, then this 90-day program is the answer you need to get you well on your way to that destination.

My story and my Why

My parents taught me three things; get an education, get a good job with benefits and work hard. Although I became a young mother early, I always dreamt of being a business owner.  I wanted to be the most prominent wedding planner in NYC, making every bride’s dream wedding come to life. I also considered other business options as I was sure of one thing; I did not want people telling me what to do. I wanted to be the boss and give the instructions.

I worked a 9 to 5, went to school full-time, and raised my son, living to survive from one paycheck to another. Some of you may be able to relate to what it’s like to be unable to give your child a happy meal from McDonald's when he asks for one. Every time I had to say no to my son, it broke my heart because we needed to stretch what we had for food, bills, and transportation. I was not spending enough time with my son because I had to take a night job in NJ while living in NY, sleeping through the day on the weekends because I was too tired to get up to make him breakfast.

The Transformation

My breaking point was when I could not afford to pay the rent increase, and I had to go home with my parents. This was when I decided I did not want to struggle anymore, and I wanted to spend my time with my child, take him places, and experience the good life. I wanted to work on my dreams and impact other people's lives and leave a legacy.

Today, I have two businesses; I partner with my brother and my virtual assistant agency, an events planning company. I strategized and set goals for both my businesses while working my 9 to 5 job.

Triple Your Income in 90 Days Virtual Assistant Coaching Program

Discover how to…

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Month 3

I have created this program so that no other person would feel like there isn’t another way out of poverty.  There is a way, and you will experience it. Believe it, Claim it, and Receive it! I have virtual assistants around the world seeking my help while still working a 9 to 5 and people who are living at home and not getting the encouragement they need because their families feel that getting a job is more secure.  My security is my son, and I had a choice to either relive the life of struggle with my first son or turn it around.

Now, you may be wondering, “how am I going to afford a coach?”

I have been where you are now, wanting to own a business or get more clients to increase income. But an ex-boyfriend once told me, "The best education you can give yourself is investing in yourself, and it does not always mean College."  I have learned to educate myself, invest in myself and put myself out there.

When I paid for my first coaching, it cost way more than I could afford but this principle helped me. Our parents had raised us to believe in going to college, as that was the best education you were going to get, and no one can take the knowledge away from you.  That may be true; however, investing in your business rests on the same principle. I flipped out my credit card and made my first investment in a coach. That was the best first investment I made in my business. She brought out the creativity I had locked inside, and my fears turned into fierce. I started to think outside the box and do things that were different.

Yes, I was scared because for so long I had worked for other people, made things work in their business, and I had to do a mind switch and start taking charge in my business.  Every time I say MY business, it brings a smile on my face. Just like the feeling I had when I bought my car in cash or when I put in the down payment on my first home.

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Take back your time for your family and don’t wait for someone to decide what you are worth; give yourself a raise you deserve.  

Make More Money As A Virtual Assistant! 

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“I want a branding strategy session.”

No more sitting on the fence watching other people do well.

It's Time for Your Dreams To Come True

Teekwa is such a mentor in this industry. She is knowledgeable, a complete professional, and she has added so much value in every single conversation I've had with her. I cannot recommend her enough. To everyone seeking a true mentor in this business, you need to work with Teekwa Scarborough and her team at PowerPro Assistants!

Gwendolyn Asani

Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistant

Speaking with Teekwa provided me with the clarity and insight I have sought out for the last few months. I was on the brink of hanging up the towel and giving up on my dreams of having a virtual business. But all of that changed after our phone call. In talking to her, I felt a lot of insecurities and doubts I had about running my company. Not only did she give me an amazing strategy, Teekwa also provided me with priceless genuine advice.. She is an expert in her craft and I've never met such an amazing professional who really has a passion for seeing people succeed. I cannot wait to have her on board as my coach.

Tasha Pagan Leandry

Virtual Assistant




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